“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generations that is to come."

                                                             --Steve Jobs

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What's our story?

Coaching Services

Story Fruition Client, Greg Kiper, share's his own Story Fruition at Fresh Ground Stories. The room was spellbound by his performance.

Private 1:1 Coaching for Executives

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Storytelling Workshops for Professionals

Corporate Storytelling Retreats

Investor Pitch Presentation Consultation

Keynote Presentation Coaching

Available for Keynote Speaking Engagements

Current Storytelling Workshops

Story Fruition's Workshop, "Storytelling for Business Professionals" was a huge hit with the participants.

Storytelling  Workshop 

For Business Professionals

Meadow Creek Business Park 

Issaquah, WA

October 17th, 1pm-5pm

Limited Seating 

Learn core basics to captivating storytelling in this 1/2 day workshop!



Story Fruition Storytellers in the making at this 1/2 day workshop.

 Another "Lucky Me" moment! I recently attended a workshop, billed as learning to tell a great story in your business. WOW, Melissa Reaves of Story Fruition is the real deal. Not only is she entertaining and talented, but she also teaches others to present their business in a captivating way. Sales peeps, like her page and reach out, your presentations will never be the same." Lynda Bilo, Send Out Cards

Melt Public Speaking Anxiety Through Storytelling

Storytellers in business moments build their careers, leadership and overall success.

Everyone loves to tell and listen to stories. When you share your own experiences in an authentic narrative, you connect and strenghten your relationship to your listening audience.

In The News


Story Fruition's amazing client, 

Angie Burlingame of A Dog's Life Training School just got invited to be King 5's Dog Training Expert!

Congratulations, Angie! 

You have beautiful stories and expertise to share! #Adogslifetraingschool #angieburlingame #storyfruition

Ask Melissa

Melissa Reaves, founder and Chief Storyteller, at Story Fruition, LLC.

Have a question about my  storytelling coaching services? Please send me an email!

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Ready To Master Storytelling and Captivate Your Audiences?

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Training Executives and Business Owners how to captivate their audiences through the craft of sharing stories in impactful ways.

Story Fruition, LLC

Seattle, Washington, United States


How did your story come to fruition?

Discover, Craft and Tell Your Stories with Dynamic Impact

Take control of the room by sharing personal stories that hook your listeners at the beginning. #storyfruition

Are you a CEO/Founder looking to raise more capital?

Are you a "Rising Star" in your career and hitting the speaking circuit more, but feel overwhelmed by it?

Are you a business owner who must shine above the competition through speaking engagements?

Are you speaking in public and just don't feel very dynamic?

Mastering how to identify, craft and tell a story takes skills--but the great news is 

storytelling is coachable and highly valuable in business.

Land that funding to expand your business.

Captivate audiences and expand your career.

Learn to listen and think on your feet to handle situations easier.

Enrich your life at every level through polished public speaking and storytelling skills!

Our Journey Together

Story Fruition trains business professionals on how to engage your audience through the power of storytelling.

Public Speaking doesn't have to be a horrifying event, or even terribly uncomfortable. As your public speaking coach, we'll dive into your talk--understand who your audience is---and what personal stories you can weave into your content that hooks their attention. Your creative writing homework assignments are designed to find your Creative Flow and unleash the stories within you.  As we develop your talk, you'll discover the joy of how to formulate your story so it's concise, and structure-wise flows beautifully.  You'll learn:  

Core storytelling skills for your brand

Story Arc structure to keep your story moving

Vivid picture painting to amaze your audience

When to progress your story, and when to expand 

Learn the importance of authenticity and vulnerabilty to

Connect and WIN your audience over

You'll move from a "Presenter," to a memorable "Storyteller"

Award Winning Public Speaking & Storyteller Coach

Melissa Reaves, Storyteller and Storytelling Coach at Story Fruition. What's your story? She'll help you craft that answer to be compelling!

Melissa Reaves has spent over twenty years in tech sales and marketing working  with some of the world's top brands like Microsoft, T-Mobile, Expedia, Groupon and more.  She's also a professional actor and improviser which helps her pull the presentation dynamics out of her clients when they are learning the power of storytelling skills. 

Melissa's own storytelling can be seen around the Seattle market including  The Moth Story Slams and Seattle's own Fresh Ground Stories events. In October 2019, you'll see her at Ignite Seattle as one of 12 speakers selected. She is also an ensemble member at Unexpected Productions in the Pike Place Market Theater in Seattle making up comedic stories on the fly with her castmates!



Story Fruition Clients


Strategic Partners


Greg's Story's Fruition "In and Out of Addiction"

Watch Greg tell his story about how he found himself at 59 years old changing his career to help addicts clean up their own lives in this powerful piece shared at Fresh Ground Stories in Seattle.

Stacy connects the dots in the story fruition workshop

Stacy shares what she thinks about the Story Fruition workshop in order to connect her own dots!

Dr Kate talks about the Story Fruition Workshop

Dr Kate learns new ways to compose her story to help Sleep Apnea Patients.   

Jon Wanted To Nail His Daughter's Wedding Toast

Wedding toasts are perfect opportunities to share stories. Jon did an awesome job in his Father Of The Bride speech to over 220 people that he hired Story Fruition to help fine-tune his toast.

Why I love entrepreneurs

What happened in the Seattle U Business Plan Competition's Shark Tank. #storytelling #entrepreneurs #SeattleU #SeattleUBusinessPlanCompetition2019

Clients Love Story Fruition!

Instrumental To The Seattle University's 2019 Pitch Success

Melissa was a new volunteer at the Seattle University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center this year, but quickly stood out as one of the most effective coaches I have worked with in the Business Plan Competition I run. She served as one of a handful of Expert Pitch Coaches for our four Finalist teams and was instrumental in making this year's Final presentations "the best ever," as several of our long-time supporters told me...I cannot thank Melissa enough for the time she has provided to the SeattleU entrepreneurial students, the impact on them and their businesses is more than I can express --without her helping me craft the story!

Ameila Marckworth, Director, Entrepreneur & Innovation Center, Seattle University

A Coaching Need That's Been Sorely Missing

 "In two decades of coaching entrepreneurs, we tell them constantly to convey the passion that lead to their business. Now that I've seen Melissa in action--I have come to realize none of the rest of us has had a clue in how to effectively bring out the expression of that passion. Melissa combines her extensive background in corporate sales, theater, improv, and storytelling to expertly guide entrepreneurs and business executives to find and tell their story in a very impactful manner.  Melissa fills a need in the coaching realm that has been sorely missing."

Scott Milburn, President, Sage Management, Advisor to Vita Inclinata 

We Landed Funding From Our Pitch Presentation

 "Working with Melissa was a fantastic experience. She got to know me personally, which was instrumental in pulling out the true story of why I started my business. By helping me portray this story, I was able to show investors and customers the passion I brought to the table. I was able to paint the picture in their minds of how my company is solving real problems. This all culminated in placing 2nd in a business competition as well as having several angel investors interested in funding my business!  Melissa will get you results. She will make sure everyone knows and loves your story."

Daniel McConnell, CEO, Teak & Timber

Seattle Storyteller Review

 Have you ever tried to stay on the elliptical while you’re nonchalantly sneaking glances at the guy on the treadmill behind you? Melissa has. Have you lifted weights with the Secret Service staring at you while they’re mumbling into their earpieces? Melissa’s done that too. What about slowly sinking into a former president’s sweat as you trade places with him on the bench press? Yes, Melissa has touched presidential sweat! And she was still pretty giddy when she told us about it. Thank you, Melissa, for giving us some of the biggest laughs of the night.  

Paul Currington, Director, Fresh Ground Stories

"I Nailed My Presentation!"

 "I worked with Melissa to put together a very important presentation to my BNI Chapter that will essentially be my sales force as they refer me leads and business. She helped me boil my ideas down to only the most important, and helped me compose a story to tell instead of just deliver a presentation. People loved it! I felt so confident and comfortable going in this direction and it was actually fun! I'd recommend working with her, no doubt." 

PJ Glassey, Founder/Inventor, XGym Fitness

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