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In addition to coaching storytelling for business professionals to shine, Melissa Reaves appears regularly at storytelling venues sharing personal stories that match a theme thrown to the storytellers. Take a peek at her work.

Quarantine Connection, Virtual Storytelling Show (Comedic)

Seattle's Covid Storytelling: Quarantine Connection, hosted by Ted Talk's Bill Bernat. This is Melissa's funny & reflective journey down the aisles of Costco during quarantine. Enjoy "Keeping the Covid Cooties from Costco."

KNKX/NPR "Sound Effect" guest storyteller (Comedic)

How a bad fortune telling led to a new outlook on

Thirty years ago, I was pretty naive and broken hearted---so what do I do? I seek out the guidance of a psychic. One of more embarrassing moments, but hey---it's a funny way to learn some life lessons!

Full Transcript 

OCD Is A Family Affair, Ignite Seattle 40 (Informational)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is not a laughing matter and affects millions of people.  Melissa is passionate about building awareness to change the stigma. It takes a lot of dedicated work for the patient and their family, and there is hope! 

Highlighted as one of the Top 10 Stories of Ignite Seattle's 2019 season. Full Transcript

Melissa Reaves, Moth Story Slam, Fremont Abbey (Dramatic)

Learn how goldfish are powerful teachers in unexpected ways. A story about how Life teaches us lessons in its own way.

Full Transcript

Melissa Reaves, Fresh Ground Stories, Metamorphosis (Comedy)

Melissa shares how she's constantly evolving and connecting to something outside or within herself. But how did cicadas get into this story? Find out!

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Greg kiper's own story fruition, coached by melissa reaves

At 59 years old, Greg Kiper had been literally kicked to the curb by his third wife---the love of his life. But this time, he would fight for her. His journey into rehab to battle the addiction demon that had plagued his life for over 40 years, was now going to take a serious turn back to peace and love. Watch his powerful performance that is now used in his own Addiction Recovery Workshops and counseling he now conducts as a licensed therapist.